Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

Apocalyptic Virtue-Signalling

March 25, 2022 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
Apocalyptic Virtue-Signalling
Show Notes

From Saturday March 26th, book in to our first ever official Irreverend conference!
Church of England vicars Daniel French and Jamie Franklin get together to offer a spiritual perspective on current events, this week talking about the relevance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation 6:1-8, the possibility of climate and fuel lockdowns after a recent announcement by the International Energy Agency, the implications of transgender athlete Lia Thomas' thrashing of biological women in the US national college 500-yard freestyle and the recent announcement of "conservative" analyst Dave Rubin that he and his male partner are expecting the arrival of twin babies through surrogate parents later this year. We also field a question sent in by email on the role of judgment in the Christian life.
As mentioned on the show, for theologians and interested parties, please book in to 'Descent of the Dove: Knowing and Loving in Spirit and Truth', Pusey House Theological Conference Monday, 4th-6th July 2022
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