Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

A Sacred Journey

April 08, 2022
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
A Sacred Journey
Show Notes

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In this episode Church of England vicars Thomas Pelham and Jamie Franklin get together to offer a spiritual perspective on current events, this week taking our Scriptural reflection from John 12:42-43: leaders who cannot speak for fear of being cancelled by the Pharisees. We attempt not to repeat their error by covering the major stories of the week: the government pushes through quickie divorce laws, church leaders including Rowan Williams describe being transgender as "a sacred journey" and push for draconian government legislation to ban the ill-defined practice of "conversion therapy", the extension of the dangerous and barbaric practice of DIY abortion provision, the cancellation of Jane Austen at the Literature department of Stirling University and Viktor Orban's historic fourth successive victory in the Hungarian election.
Christian Institute, Quickie divorce law comes into force in England and Wales
Daily Mail, Former Archbishop of Canterbury urges ministers to include trans people in conversion therapy ban
BBC, What is conversion therapy and when will it be banned?
Daily Mail, Rebel MPs vote down plan to scrap scheme allowing women to take full course of abortion pills at home

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