Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

Fantasy, Folly and Lies

July 08, 2022 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
Fantasy, Folly and Lies
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Church of England vicars Tom Pelham and Jamie Franklin are back. We reflect on the arrival of Jamie's fourth child and note how deeply indoctrinated we all must be to so easily assign its gender immediately after birth. In the news, events will almost certainly overtake us as Boris Johnson's premiership is surely over. We talk from a biblical perspective on the virtues of integrity and honesty and the folly of lies and deceit. In Church news, the CofE is apparently borrowing money in order to pay for its environmental this a prudent Christian investment in the future or self-destructive virtue-signalling on an inconceivable scale? We also read an insightful email from a military expert on the situation in Ukraine. Listeners will perhaps not be too surprised to hear that the situation is slightly more nuanced that the corporate media are leading us to expect.
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