Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

Clown Church

November 18, 2022 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
Clown Church
Show Notes

Church of England vicars Daniel French, Thomas Pelham and Jamie Franklin sit down to tackle the most pertinent stories. This week: COP27 crisis talk continues as the Archbishop of Canterbury says that the world is (still) close to the point of no return whilst the ex-archbish, Rowan Williams, leads a delegation of "faith" leaders up a hill proclaiming ten new commandments for climate repentance. Meanwhile, the Diocese of Ely have asked academics at the University of Cambridge to tell them how to make money out of their church buildings and the University have responded by telling them to turn them into literal circuses. Also, in wider news, it turns out that the scientific study into a church choir Covid-19 "super spreader" event that was used not only to ban singing in church but to restrict indoor gatherings more generally was - you guessed it - based on flimsy evidence. Colour us shocked to the core in this week's offering of Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs!
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00:00 Welcome, Banter, Coming-up and Notices
06:45 Prayer and Scripture: Revelation 11.15-19
17:57 COP27: Justin Welby says world is close to point of no-return
43:27 COP27: Rowan Williams leads delegation of faith leaders and proclaims ten principles of climate repentance
1:08:36 University of Cambridge say churches should turn into circuses
1:14:23 Covid-19 scientific study based on exaggerated evidence
1:19:35 Question the Rev: What should I do about my unbelieving husband? and Should we boycott the Qatar World Cup?
1:33:43 Email of the Week: Justin Welby wishes Sikhs joyful religious festival
Archbishop of Canterbury - The world is near the point of no return
Rowan Williams and the Ten Principles for Climate Repentance -
Daily Telegraph - Churches should host circuses to raise cash
Daily Telegraph - Covid singing ban and indoor restrictions based on exaggerated evidence
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