Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

God Rest Ye Merry Thought Police

December 23, 2022 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
God Rest Ye Merry Thought Police
Show Notes

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In our (sort of) festive episode, Church of England Revs Tom Pelham and Jamie Franklin sit down to give a spiritual perspective on the big stories of our time. This week: Tom’s heroic antics in snowy Etchingham, the best World Cup ever in Qatar, God Rest Ye Merry edited for political purposes, reflections upon Andrew Bridgen’s intervention in the V-safety debate, woman arrested for silently praying outside abortion clinic - currently unclear whether or not the Archbishop of Canterbury supports the arrest - a Question the Rev on understanding the whole of church history and an email offering a conservative reappraisal of the desirableness of cars in society. That and much much more as ever on this week's Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs!
00:00:00 Banter and Notices - Tom heroics in icy Etchingham, Rev J on best World Cup ever in disreputable Qatar, God Rest Ye (edited version)
00:23:08 Scripture - John 1:1-5, “The Word became flesh”
35:20:00 MP Andrew Bridgen says halt the V roll-out
53:58:00 Woman arrested for praying outside abortion clinic
1:10:50 Question the Rev - History of the Church and liturgy
1:16:32 Email of the Week - Should conservatives approve of unrestricted car use?
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