Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

Regime Change with Prof. Patrick Deneen

August 22, 2023 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
Regime Change with Prof. Patrick Deneen
Show Notes

Liberalism has failed and its quasi-religious commitments are becoming more and more obvious to those affected by its deficiencies. There may come a time in the near future when liberalism's discontents rise up and demand a truly revolutionary change of regime.
The Rev'd Dr Jamie Franklin sits down with Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and author of Why Liberalism Failed and the new work Regime Change: Towards a PostLiberal Future Patrick Deneen for a discussion on the failings of liberalism and the prospect of a complete overturning of the liberal order to be replaced by a postliberal regime that orders society according to a common religious vision of the good.
We very much hope you enjoy this most crucial conversation. Full timings of topics discussed are detailed below,
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00:00 Meet Patrick Deneen
02:50 Previous works: Democratic Faith and Why Liberalism Failed
3:35 What is the problem with liberalism?
5:07 Classical liberalism: human beings are evil and dangerous
08:28 Progressive liberalism: human beings are perfectible by the state
09:13 Both liberalisms diminish humanity
10:46 Post-liberalism seeks a full understanding of humanity
11:53 Is the right really in cahoots with the left?
13:50 The failings of right liberalism: dismantling of Church and family
19:18 Freedom as the basic religious commitment of liberalism
24:30 International military adventurism and the free market as conduits of liberated humanity
26:02 But aren’t we free to do what we want? What’s the problem?
26:50 Transhumanism as example of libertarian and progressive worldview
30:42 Abortion: the problem with appealing to liberty
35:16 Postliberal visions: Aristotle and Nietzsche
36:30 Virtue as the basis of a sacred political order
39:30 Isn’t this oppressive?
40:17 Aristotle and Aquinas: political order informed by vision of the good
41:30 What hope is there for a recovery of a political vision of the good?
44:52 Christian civilisation happened before and could be reborn
46:22 The ruling elites could be replaced by a virtuous leadership class
49:22 Do you see any signs that a virtuous leadership class is emerging?
51:17 Pessimistic prospects: liberalism can continue for a long time
52:23 The power of distraction: smartphones, media and the internet
53:07 Prayer as potential basis of new political order
55:53 Architecture as example of imaginative poverty of modern vision
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