Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

Signs of Hope?

September 08, 2023 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
Signs of Hope?
Show Notes

Church of England revs with a difference Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to review the big talking points in Church and culture. This week, we catch up with Daniel's thoughts on the liberalisation of the clergy in the CofE, whilst Jamie comes face-to-face with Antifa at the March for Life. On Twitter, pro-life campaigners are being lambasted by liberal vicars, whereas a Tik Tok video espousing the freedom and joy of not having kids, watching box sets and making shakshuka has gone viral. We also review several encouraging emails that we think show encouraging trends in the culture, particularly among young men who are interested in serious forms of Christianity. And we ask (again!) why the central hierarchies of the churches are ignoring these glorious opportunities.
That, a question on the Sabbath, and much much more as always!
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