Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

The Irreverend Awards - One Year Anniversary Special

October 08, 2021 J.A. Franklin, T.J. Pelham, Daniel French
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs
The Irreverend Awards - One Year Anniversary Special
Show Notes

Join Revs Tom, Daniel and Jamie for the one-year anniversary special of Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs! Our Scripture is taken from Philippians 4:8-9. We reflect on a year's worth of pertinent, theological analysis of current events through the medium of the "Irreverend Awards", a full list of the winners (and losers) is below these notes, but, please, don't spoil the surprise! Thanks to all who have been with us through this year and here's to another year of Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs!
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The Irreverend Awards
Best Bible verse/passage
Matthew 11:28-30 (Tom), Hebrews 2:15 (Daniel), Romans 12:21 (Jamie)

Best book of Bible
Revelation (Jamie), Genesis (Daniel), Job (Thomas)

Best hymn
Father, hear the prayer we offer (Thomas), Let all mortal flesh keep silent (Daniel), I bind unto myself today (Jamie)

Best song
Uprising (Muse), Wake Up (Jamie), Blinding Lights (Daniel)

Best film
V for Vendetta (Tom), A Hidden Life (Daniel), Greenland (Jamie)

Best television show
The Great Pottery Throwdown (Tom), Loki (Daniel), The Last Kingdom (Jamie) 

Best novel
War and Peace, Tolstoy (Jamie), That Hideous Strength, CS Lewis (Tom), The Circle, Dave Eggers (Daniel)

Best spiritual/Christian/theological book
The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher (Tom), Live not by Lies, Dreher (Daniel), City of God, St Augustine (Jamie)

Best priest/church leader
Bernard Randall (Daniel), Douglas Wilson (Jamie), Phill Sacre (Tom)

Best bishop
St Augustine (Tom), Michael Nazir-Ali (Daniel), Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano (Jamie)

Best journalist
Calvin Robinson (Daniel), James Delingpole (Jamie), Lionel Shriver (Thomas)

Best politician
Sir Robert Simms (Tom), Charles Walker (Daniel), Ron DeSantis (Jamie)

Best podcast
Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs (Tom), London Calling (Daniel), The Rest is History (Jamie)

Biggest inspiration
Laura Dodsworth for A State of Fear and general engagement (Daniel), Zoe Willis on home education (Jamie), Alan Titchmarsh (Tom)

Best food
Steak (Jamie), Sweet and Sour Chicken (Tom), “Winking Prawn” BBQ (Daniel)

Best episode of Irreverend
Laura Dodsworth, Hearing our Fears (Tom), Esther O’ Reilly, Legend of Banter (Daniel), Eucharist Debate w/ Tom and Jamie (Jamie)

Best news (excluding the “Good News”)
Firing of Matt Hancock (Jamie), Churches staying open over third lockdown (Tom), 

Best Tweet
@bennyjohnson, Oct 5
Scientists at Pfizer are saying the same things that get regular people deplatformed and labelled conspiracy theorists. Project Veritas does it again.

Best blog
Esther O’ Reilly, Young Fogey (joint award)

Most likely destination outside of the Church of England?
Free Church of England (Tom), Anglican Church of North America (Daniel), Eastern Orthodox (Jamie)

Raspberry Award
Harry and Meghan (

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